Caroline & Scott’s Album First Draft…

Caroline & Scott’s album has been one I have been working on for a while. Their wedding was amazing and all of the details that went into the day are just gorgeous. From the candles, to the flowers, to the band, to the food… it was a great day! The album has totally come together beautifully and I’m totally excited to get it done and see it in print! I’ll be meeting with Caroline next week to make any final tweaks to it and then ship it off to the printer. It’s one thing to see it online, it’s another thing to have it printed and bound and in your hands. I always love when I get albums delivered and I get the first crack at looking at them. The smell of them from the printer, the noise the pages make when they turn, silly things yes, but to a photographer those things are so cool! It’s like a child in a way… you take so much pride and energy into getting it all just right, you spend a ton of time perfecting it, and then to see the end result is AWESOME! Hope you enjoy taking a peek! :)

Lukas Butterfly Encounter!

This past weekend we took some family time out and took the girls to visit Oviedo’s Butterfly Encounter exhibit. It was so much fun, and really so relaxing to walk into a large room filled with a ton of butterflies and just watch them fly around. They had tons of beautiful plants and flowers and it was a blast to just photograph whatever we saw. Shay ended up bringing a caterpillar home to watch it turn into a butterfly. We no sooner got home and it promptly started turning into a chrysalis, so we should have a butterfly in a week or so! Talk about a great science lesson! Anyway, had to share some of the photos. John took most of the butterfly shots, I did the flowers. And yes there’s some animals in there too, including the human kind…lol. Enjoy!

Hugs to Johanna…

I spoke with a wedding client of ours Johanna last night. You may remember her horse Max from her engagement and bridal sessions. A few weeks ago they had to put Max down after he got very sick… he was an old boy, but so sweet and Johanna had him for a good chunk of her growing up years. I was so sad to hear the news, as I love horses and really enjoyed our session with him. When we first met Johanna & Ozzie I was so excited to hear that she had a horse and just knew we HAD to include him in their sessions. I always love to include the special things in people lives into their sessions, so including Max was the icing on the cake. I’m so sad for Johanna and her family, I know they miss him dearly… so here’s some photos of Max to share. Hugs Johanna!!!

Sawyer’s 4 month session!

Look at how much Sawyer has grown! His mom Kelli does our whole family’s hair and we just love her. I have photographed Kelli, her hubby, and Sawyer a ton of times now… and they are always so easy! Sawyer has grown so much and his little chunk a lunk rolls are so cute! Can’t believe he’s 4 months old already! How time flies! :)

Wow… another beauty!!

Serena is so beautifully pregnant with her second baby. We had a great time and it was a fun shoot! Matt and Serena have a beautiful house with a ton of natural light streaming in, so while shooting with lights is fun, I LOVE to use what’s already there! I have a ton of ideas for their newborn session already…lol. So stay tuned, baby Audrey to come soon! :)

Congrats to my cousin Jess and family!

Right before we went to Maine for vacation, my cousin had a baby girl which they named Kami. She is adorable and has the most hair on any baby I’ve ever seen! After Camdyn’s baptism I got some shots of them with their new baby girl. Big brother Taegin wasn’t so sure what to do with her…lol… it was pretty funny. Anyway, here’s some of their photos… enjoy!

CNP sponsors the 4th annual Birth Fair!

CNP will again be sponsoring the 4th annual Birth Fair put on by the Central Florida Birth Network. This awesome event will take place on Saturday, September 27th from 1-4 pm at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Maitland Gymnasium, 341 N. Orlando Ave., in Maitland. We invite those of you that are pregnant, have recently had a baby, or trying to conceive to attend this great event! There will be many vendors that focus on the pregnancy and childbearing years. Come join us for an afternoon of fun! Admission is free, you’ll find free samples from great merchants, good food, and a day all about babies! We will have a booth with free session giveaways, samplings of our latest work, and would love to see you there! Stop by our booth and pick up your $75 coupon for credit towards a future session with CNP! See you there! :)

Ashlyn & Jon’s Engagement Session!

Ashlyn and John are awesome, they’ve been dating for 10 years and will be getting married this coming January. We did their engagement session at Ponce Inlet in New Smyrna Beach. We had a great time and got some really fun images! The sunset was gorgeous that night, which I was particularly thrilled about because I knew we’d get some really great colorful shots! Although after the sun started going down we also all got dozens of mosquito bites… such fun in FL! It was pretty funny to see us all at dinner with our hands under the table scratching our ankles! Bug spray will be a new must have thing added to our arsenal of things we bring with us to a shoot!

Stay tuned in January for sneak peeks from their wedding. We are so excited to work with Ashlyn and Jon, they are a blast! Here’s my favorites from their session. :)

You HAVE to see this!!!

John and I worked with up and coming local fashion designer Helen Martinez of Southerly Designs on Saturday. We did her commercial fashion shoot to capture her vision and images for her website. She is a fabulous designer with amazing ideas and her clothes are to die for! She hired 4 amazing models for us to work with, and we had a whole crew helping out. It was a really fun day and we got a lot of really great shots for her new site! Helen is also one of the finalists for Park Avenue Fashion Week! It’s a local series of events for the Central Florida and Winter Park areas where emerging local designers showcase their designs. Helen is very deserving of this recognition, her designs are amazing and not like anything I have ever seen before. Her site should be live very soon, so stay tuned to find out how to add some of Southerly’s amazing pieces to your wardrobe! We will be doing another shoot in the upcoming months, so stay tuned for preview of more designs!! Here’s some shots from our afternoon of shooting in Winter Park! :)

Shay finally lost a tooth!

She’s been so excited for over a year wondering when she’d lose her first tooth. Most of her friends have already lost theirs so I think she felt left behind…lol. So about two weeks ago she came to me saying a tooth was loose, and it was, but BARELY. Today she walked over to me and said it was bugging her because it was so loose, so I asked her if she wanted to pull it. She says “will it hurt?” I said I didn’t know but if it did I would stop. I grabbed a hold of the little thing and it literally came right out, so it was definitely ready! Here’s two shots of our oldest monkey with her little hole! I think the one next to it will be out soon too!

I have to laugh too… When we were in Maine her Uncle (my brother) told her that one of his friends kids got $100 from the tooth fairy. I told him that he can be the tooth fairy today…lol. She’ll get a couple bucks from us and think she got gyped!!! Thanks Uncle Scotty!