Winter Park Wedding Photographer ~ A lovely day at Interlachen Country Club

Nikki and Van got married a few weeks ago at Interlachen Country Club.  We had a great time capturing their family portraits and their special day.  John and I both fully enjoyed their sense of humor and their family was a ton of fun!  If you are looking for a place to have a wedding the staff at Interlachen is wonderful!  The gorgeous and amazing flowers were done by Chez Heard, our favorite florist who we have worked with several times now.  Here’s some sneak peeks from their big day! 

Orlando Newborn Photographer ~ This was a very special session…

Meet baby Cash, isn’t he just the cutest thing?!  His mom and dad are Lyles and Dan.  We photographed their wedding a few years ago and have been awaiting this day ever since!  Lyles has sent us so many of her friends for their wedding photography and we are truly grateful to them for spreading the good word about us.  We were truly honored to photograph this little guy and enjoyed every minute of watching Lyles do her mama thing!  Cash was a little angel baby who slept the majority of the time and you can tell that his parents just love him to pieces!  Congratulations Lyles and Dan!  We can’t wait to see your little dude grow up!  :)

Orlando Wedding Photographer ~ A beautiful Sunday morning wedding!!

This morning we had the pleasure of photographing Amanda & Ross’s wedding at the gorgeous Leu Gardens!   It’s kinda neat that there is a little bonus for having a morning wedding, you get to see the photos TONIGHT!  It was a fun day and the weather was amazing!  Here’s some of our favorites to share.  Amanda and Ross, have a great time on your trip to Costa Rica!!  Congratulations!  :)

Orlando Maternity Photographer ~ No really, there are two in there….

So one of our previous clients called and dropped some news…….she is pregnant, and not just with one, but two. Cristy about fell out of her comfy chair from the shock and joy. So we cruised over to see Mrs. Lindy who is 31 weeks prego with twins and looks awesome. We got to photograph Lindy and her daughter at their beautiful lakeside home and we could not have asked for a more perfect day. Lindy, good luck with the upcoming birth. We can’t wait to meet the new babies.

Orlando Wedding Photographer ~ Ashlyn & Jon’s Wedding

We were honored to photograph Ashlyn & Jon’s wedding a few weeks back and let me tell you, WOW…..The ceremony took place at the First Presbyterian Church of Orlando and the reception was at the beautiful and historic Rosalind Club next to Lake Eola. Ashlyn was glowing and Jon was smooth as could be. Both were very excited and could not wait to see each other. Jon’s expression when he caught sight of Ashlyn walking down the isle was priceless and their ceremony was fun and a breath of fresh air. The reception was a blast and the food by Arthur’s Catering was superb and delicious. Chez Heard supplied floral arrangements that were beyond expectation. It happened to be a cold evening here in Orlando, but I think it prepared them for their honeymoon in Breckenridge, Colorado. Thank you both for a great time and we wish you both a lifetime of happiness and success.

We have been busy at CNP….

It has been a while since our last post, so at Cristy’s request, I am jumping in and saying hi to the blogging world. This past month we have been updating and adding additional computers and software to our arsenal. We reworked our office and workspace to be more compatible and more efficient for both of us. Cristy even got a new comfy office chair that is oh so plush. So what does this mean for all of you? Brace yourselves, you will be hearing more from me as I will be contributing to the blog to help free Cristy up to tackle other CNP projects.

So for my first blog post, I thought it would be fun for you all to get to know me a little more since I have been in the background and behind the camera with CNP thus far. So, where to start. I guess the most common comment when meeting people in person is, “wow, you are a lot bigger in person”. Well I am 6′ 4″ and although I am 34 years old, my Wii Fit age is 40. Yeah, thanks Nintendo for that little “calculation”. I grew up living all over the west coast. Northern California was for the most part home, growing up. I graduated from Santa Rosa High School in 1992 and attended the University of Northern Colorado where I played baseball for the University and spent a lot of time in the Rocky mountains “playing”. After leaving school, I began working with an environmentally conscious company where I learned a lot about our impact on the environment and how to not only take care of ourselves, but our planet. This is where I met Cristy. We happened to be attending a training together and for the most part have been together since that day back in the fall of 1995. Fast forward to today……we have two beautiful daughters, a black lab, a kooky cat and a busy life and business that we are proud and happy to share with all of you. I am proud to say that I have never been a fair-weather sports fan. I was born and raised an Oakland Raiders fan (this is where you can hiss and spit and laugh if you want) and will be one until the day the team, or I, is no longer around. I am also a follower and fan of the Oakland A’s and the Golden State Warriors (hmmmmm all Bay Area teams….hmmmm). I love to play golf and jump at the opportunity to play new courses. I am a fan of red wine, stout beers, Baskin & Robbins peanut butter & chocolate ice cream and for some weird reason mathematics. Go figure. My music choices range anywhere from the Doors and the Dead to Coldplay to Bob Marley to Rick Braun. Pretty much all over the place.

Hopefully my brief history didn’t bore to many of you. I am sure there will be a lot more to come and I am looking forward to being a part of this side of the business.Thanks for reading.

A belated Happy Holidays from us to you!!

I wanted to keep these photos fairly under wraps until all the holiday cards had gone out.  Hopefully everyone has gotten them by now, so I am safe posting them!  Every year I try to outdo the year before with our holiday cards, and this year I think took the cake!  I found these VERY bright colored sweaters for the girls and knew they’d be perfect for my “vision” of our holiday card.  I wanted super colorful with colored blocks.  I was going to hire someone to do it, but decided I’d just knock them out myself.  I thought they turned out great and so far everyone has loved them.  Here’s the digital file of the cards and then the images that were included in the card.  A belated Happy Holidays to everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  I’ll post some of our family holiday photos soon too!  But for now, enjoy! 

Our friend Tamu…

We often get asked by our clients who watches our kids while we are out shooting and doing weddings on the weekends.  Well… here she is.  This is our good friend Tamu, whom we affectionately call “Mu”.  We have all been friends for about 12 years.  If anyone knows US it’s her, she’s seen us at our best, and at our worst, and she’s been very involved in both of our girls lives.  She and I used to work together in California and have been very close friends ever since.  When we moved to Florida she decided she missed Shaylee way too much and moved out here about two years later.  She is like a sister to me, she’s as close as we have to family locally, and is like a surrogate aunt to our girls.  She is here literally almost every weekend helping us with the girls, even on the weekends we don’t have shoots so that I can get caught up and work!  She is one of the many in our “village” for our kids.  We love her so much and appreciate everything she does for us on a regular basis!

Last weekend she got all dressed up and went to her company Christmas party.  I asked her if anyone took a photo of her, and no of course, her answer was NO.  Sooo… since she happens to know a photographer…lol… she asked if I would take a few for her to give to her mom.  Of course I was totally thrilled at the idea of getting some photos of her since normally she’s a complete BUTT about being in front of my camera…lol.  So we took some of her with the girls, and a few of her alone.  One of these days I’ll get her to do a REAL session… one can hope anyway.  Here’s a few from our impromptu 15 minute shoot this past weekend.  Enjoy! 

Some of our family stuff…

We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks in the Nielsen household. I have unofficially been on what I call a “mini-vacation”. I’ve taken a vacation from shooting and regular sessions to get caught up on the behind the scenes stuff and to spend some quality time with our kids. Both of their birthdays are in mid December so this time of year is always a little hectic for us. Camdyn just turned one on the 15th… it’s hard to believe she’s already a year old and walking around our house! Shaylee turned 7 on the 20th, and wow 7 years has just flown by! Our two girls are just smitten with each other and have the best sister love! Here’s some photos from Camdyn’s first birthday!

Here’s a little youtube video of Shaylee’s birthday party. Our good friend Margie came up from St Pete and has this rockin little point and shoot camera that these were all taken with, LOVE it! I am hopefully getting one of those soon! It’s so much nicer to have one of these for things like this than carry out huge ole honker cameras! We hope you enjoy the little show, Margie taught me how to put video and photos all in one little slideshow, pretty slick! Shaylee did a food drive in lieu of gifts this year, and it was a big hit! Definitely a good way of teaching your kids to give to others!  Please click HERE to view the slideshow from Shay’s party.

We also took a trip to Santas Christmas Tree Forest in Eustis. We’ve done this for 3 years in a row now and we always enjoy going! This year it was crowded, but we still had a great time! Camdyn had her first pony ride, and she was literally screeching with delight and loved every minute of it. These are the memories life is made of, and I always love capturing our outings even if the photos are just snapshots. Enjoy!

Newborn Baby Max!

Welcome Baby Max!  He was born on December 1st and is just adorable!  He’s welcomed by his mom Anna, dad Derek, and big brother Cruz!  He slept for me for the majority of his session so I was able to get those squishy newborn photos that everyone loves!  Here’s a few from his session.  Congrats to Anna, Derek, & Cruz!  Your little christmas miracle came early!