Orlando Family Photographer ~ Loved this story!

I photographed Christine and family a few years ago when their youngest son was about 9 months old.  Christine called me a few months ago to let me know that they were adopting a baby girl!  I was so thrilled for them that they finally got their girl!  We scheduled the session an I drove to the Disney area to do their shoot.  Little Calista is just beautiful and soooo incredibly lucky to have been blessed with such an awesome mom, dad, and big brothers!  Her brothers are just smitten with her and so excited to have a baby in the house!  Congratulations to Christine & Chris, I’m so thrilled that your family is complete and you will now have bows and PINK in your house!  :)   A special thank you to Betsy at Orange Lake Resort for accommodating our shoot with a great room to do some studio stuff and allowing us to use their property! 

Orlando Childrens Photographer ~ Little Sawyer

I’ve known Sawyer’s mom and dad for a while now.  Kelli does our whole family’s hair and does such an amazing job!  I photographer Sawyer’s birth almost a year ago and it’s crazy to think that he’s almost a year old!  He was so easy to photograph and so darn cute!  I just love my job and watching babies grow up!  It’s so crazy to see them grow and change and to be able to capture those milestones for our families!  Happy almost birthday to little Sawyer man!  :)  

Vero Beach Wedding ~ Meggie & Kolby!

Aren’t these two just so stinkin cute together??  I knew we’d have a good time with Meggie & Kolby but I had NO idea how much chemistry they’d have together!  WOW, they are so sweet with each other and just FUN!  Not to mention their crazy kissing skills…lol.  We are shooting their wedding in July in Vero Beach.  We fully anticipate an amazing evening full of laughs and good times!  Stay tuned for their wedding photos to come!!

In Case You Didn’t Know…..

So today is Cristy’s birthday and I wanted to send out a blogshout screaming….”Happy Birthday”.

I posted this on one of the photography forums we participate in so I thought I would share it here as well. This was posted at 12:06 am this morning,

“So sneaking this up first thing to say Happy Birthday to you.

I love you very much and want you to know how special you are to me and to our family. Without your love, compassion, caring, without your drive to do and be better, without your commitment to and acceptance of me, our relationship, our family, our life, would not be what it is today.

Thank you so very much for everything you do and I cherish sharing this life and birthday with you.

Happy Birthday.


Lakeland Wedding ~ Ahhhh young love…..

So yesterday we hooked up with Lauren and Nathan for an engagement session in downtown Orlando. Our first stop was at Lake Eola to capture some shots with their little boy, Lucas. Let me tell you…..this little guy is going to have the ladies falling all over him with his infectious smile and fun personality. A special thanks to Lois (Lauren’s mother) for taking and watching him when we were done, so we could go play with mommy & daddy some more. So we cruised around the lake, watched a spectacular sunset, then ventured into downtown for some evening fun. After dinner and drinks at The Crooked Bayou we scoped out some fun locations around Church Street and downtown to capture the love and excitement between these two. Thank you to Latitudes and Club 23 for letting us shoot on the rooftop as well as in their stairways. We are excited for you Lauren and Nathan, and cannot wait to photograph your wedding in June.

Orlando Newborn Photographer ~ There REALLY were two in there!!!

I know I didn’t believe it when she told me, but Lindy really did have two babies in that cute little belly of hers!  They were born just shy of 3 weeks ago and are GORGEOUS!  Baby Bristol was in the NICU for two weeks, but is home now with her sisters and mom and dad and doing great!  We did this session at their home, and it was so much fun and quite funny to see these two little things squirm and wiggle and cuddle each other!  I even snuck in some snuggle time!  At just under 5 pounds each they are full of cute wrinkly skin and little bitty fingers and toes!  Congrats to Lindy, Alan, and big sister Macy!  We are so excited for you!!

Hobe Sound Family Photography ~ A very special family…

Lately it seems we’ve been doing lots of sessions for our families we see on a regular basis and we LOVE that.  This family we have been photographing since their twins were newborns.  As Cindy and Zac will tell you some shoots have been easy, some well, not so much…lol.  2 year olds are hard, throw twins into the mix and you never know what your are gonna get!  This session was a request by Cindy to capture the 4 generations of her family.  I traveled to Hobe Sound for this shoot to make sure we got her parents and grandparents in the photos!  It was a perfect day, the weather was amazing and Hobe Sound is just GORGEOUS beyond words.  The girls are growing like weeds and it always shocks me everytime I see them just how much they grow and change!  They are twins, but so unique and individual already in their young age!  Cindy’s dad commented on someday doing their weddings and it really struck me as to how much we build relationships with our clients.  I am thrilled to know that they are with us for the long haul, that we’ll continue to capture these memories for their family for years to come.  What a cool feeling!  Sadly (for me) Cindy and Zac moved to North Carolina, so we don’t get to see them as often, but they are still traveling to Florida for their sessions with us.  We are so blessed and enjoy Cindy, Zac, and their girls so much!  Here’s some from their session! 

Orlando Childrens Photographer ~ This little dude cracks me the heck up!!

This is Noah, I have photographed him since he was 5 months old, and he is now 2 1/2.  He is a super cute personable little guy who has this laugh that is SO contagious!  Every session we do we all just laugh in hysterics at his crazy little ways.  Our shoots are always fun and he is pretty easy considering most 2 year olds have a mind of their own!  He certainly does too, but he doesn’t mind my camera at all!  Stay tuned, I’m sure you will see more of this little guy as he continues to grow up! 

Orlando Family Photographer ~ LOVE these guys!!

This is the second time I have photographed this family.  It’s been two years since our last session and man has little Trevor grown!  He made my job so easy, gotta love cooperative 5 year olds!  They just built a fabulous new home and most of these photos were taken right on their property.  They have a gorgeous kitty who I think belongs on the cover of a kitty magazine, she was an amazing model and totally posed for me!  HA!  Here’s some images from their session!  Enjoy! 

Winter Park Wedding Photographer ~ Lauren & Dave… A celebration!!

You may remember Lauren & Dave from their wedding we photographed in November.  A few weeks ago they had a party for their friends to celebrate their marriage.  It was a great time and was held at Casa Feliz in Winter Park which is a quaint historic home that holds parties and weddings.  Lauren & Dave were sent to us by Anne & Andrew, who we were thrilled to see at this party and can’t wait to photograph THEIR wedding in May!  We also saw several of Lauren & Dave’s friends who we have seen while shooting weddings for their friends in Winter Park, it’s always nice to see familiar faces!  Arthurs was the caterer and as always did a fabulous job!  The flowers were provided by Chez Heard, you will hear me speak of them a lot because we just LOVE them!  Their flowers are amazing and like nothing I have ever seen before!  Congratulations to Lauren & Dave.  It has been a pleasure working with you and your family!