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Orlando Photographer ~ All Aboard the Polar Express

So have you heard? The Polar Express is making a stop in Central Florida at our train car studio. Know who else is going to be there? You got it….Santa! That’s not all, we are actually predicting snow that day as well. The Nielsens Photography & Design is excited to host our first annual Polar [...]

Orlando Photographer ~ Happy 4th July, 2010

A little some thing we put together with sparklers to wish everybody out there a Happy 4th of July!!!! Stay tuned as we will be releasing some Christmas in July specials at our Oviedo Florida photography studio!

In Case You Didn’t Know…..

So today is Cristy’s birthday and I wanted to send out a blogshout screaming….”Happy Birthday”. I posted this on one of the photography forums we participate in so I thought I would share it here as well. This was posted at 12:06 am this morning, “So sneaking this up first thing to say Happy Birthday [...]

We have been busy at CNP….

It has been a while since our last post, so at Cristy’s request, I am jumping in and saying hi to the blogging world. This past month we have been updating and adding additional computers and software to our arsenal. We reworked our office and workspace to be more compatible and more efficient for both [...]

Ever wonder what it’s like?

Ever wonder what it is like to have a session done by us? Ever wonder what it is like to be a photographer? We have a crazy fun life and we love it! Here’s a collection of images from the last few years of John and I doing our thang… we are so lucky and [...]

Why you hire a professional photographer for Mother’s Day…

This was posted on my photography board… thought it was too funny and had to share.[youtube=]

Had to share this…too stinkin funny!

Yesterday I was trying to get our oldest daughter to clean her playroom, something that is always a challenge and brings out a serious case of the grumpies with her. I thought I would turn it into a game and “race” her to see who could clean up the fastest. So I said “ready, set, [...]

Photographers are crazy…lol.

Someone posted this to my photography group this morning so I thought I would share. I’ve gotten some crazy photos of John shooting in really weird situations, laying on the ground, shooting funny things, etc but this was cracking me up! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! Cheers! Happy Monday!