Orlando Commercial Photographer ~ Out and About Eats……Mexican done Gringos Locos style!

So I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the restaurants and eateries Cristy and I enjoy frequenting. Both of us love good food and once a quality place is “discovered”, we will eat there often and recommend it even more. Since so many of these fine eating establishments are small, local places of dining, they were coined “hole in the wall” spots. I will often ask Cristy, “which hole in the wall do you want to go to tonight”?  Both Cristy and I are committed to helping out  local small businesses, including restaurants, as much as possible. We hope that you will stop in and try one of these excellent restaurants, and if you do and like it, please leave a note here on the blog so everyone can see other reviews as well! If you know of a “hole in the wall” that Cristy and I should try, and blog about, please let us know as well.

This week I was craving tacos, not just any taco, but quality tacos like the ones I remember buying back home in California growing up. Those super fresh taqeuria tacos that melt in your mouth and make you want more and more. So while I was in downtown Orlando the other day, I stopped in at one of our favorite Mexican food hole in the wall called GRINGOS LOCOS, located at 20 East Washington Street in between Orange and South Magnolia Avenues. My order, a few “Street Tacos”, formerly known as Loco Tacos, and a Coke in a bottle to wash it all down. These tacos boast tasty marinated chicken, white onions, cilantro, a lime to squeeze on top, all wrapped up in a couple of warm grilled corn tortillas. Add a little hot sauce to the pile and you have pure heaven. While I was there, I got to witness the preparation of a “Drunk Gringo” in a taco bowl. This feast of a meal includes everything in the bowl, yes that right, everything. All meats, or proteins as they call it, and all sides. I bet if this thing was wrapped in a flour tortilla, it would be the monster of all burritos! A cool eating establishment, with an upbeat energetic crew on hand to prepare and serve you a delicious Mexican meal, all right in the heart of downtown!

A huge thanks to Jay, a former groom who’s wedding we shot in Key West, Florida, for meeting me down at his restaurant, allowing me to take some pictures of the place, and stepping in front of the camera for a few as well!

You can also find Gringos Locos on Facebook HERE.

So if you are looking for tasty, fresh, affordable Mexican food, even if its late night, this place is open until 3:00 am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights/mornings, venture into downtown Orlando and try Gringos Locos, A Mexican Affair. Enjoy!!!

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