Orlando Portrait Photographer ~ Have you heard our STUDIO news??

We are very excited to announce that we are opening a studio in Oviedo. We have taken over 2 train cars that we are turning into our offices, studio, and shooting areas in the downtown Oviedo area. Yes you read that right, 2 train cars! We couldn’t be more excited and are really looking forward to this unique opportunity to have a cool space like this to work in and share our work with others! So stay on the look out for your invitation to our grand opening party and updates about what we are up to! We also created a Facebook Fan Page, so if you haven’t joined please do so for Facebook only invites and offers. Here’s some photos of the studio in progress. We have done lots of work and have gone to great lengths to make it ours and reflect our brand. We have been painting, redone the flooring, and still have more work to do! I will be posting more photos in the near future when we decorate and get all of our furniture moved in! See you at the studio soon!!! :)

  1. kate oren   -  

    OMWord!! How awesome are those spaces!! and all of the natural “backdrops” around your new studio.
    Can’t wait to see images from your new studio.

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