Orlando Portrait Photographer ~ They grow so fast!!

This is the son of my dear friend and neighbor Lesa.  I’ve seen him grow and change over the years and it always blows my mind how fast kids grow up and turn into little adults!  Even in a year he has changed so much.  He rarely gets in front of my camera, you know boys just aren’t “cool” with that at this age.  Tonight he was dressed up so his mama asked me to take a few and he obliged, much to his dismay…lol.  This was all of 5 minutes outside of our house, but I liked what I got.  It’s very “him” at this age.  Of course laughing and smiling at his mom, and then a friend drove by, ahhh the embarassment of getting caught doing a “photo shoot”.

Lesa, Gage is growing into quite the young man.  He’s kind, he’s generous and such a good kid.  You’ve done well my friend, I love you! :)  

  1. Lauren   -  

    Ahhh my face, he took my face. I am impressed that you got my little bro in front of a camera. Thank God and Cristy!

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