Orlando Newborn Photographer ~ There REALLY were two in there!!!

I know I didn’t believe it when she told me, but Lindy really did have two babies in that cute little belly of hers!  They were born just shy of 3 weeks ago and are GORGEOUS!  Baby Bristol was in the NICU for two weeks, but is home now with her sisters and mom and dad and doing great!  We did this session at their home, and it was so much fun and quite funny to see these two little things squirm and wiggle and cuddle each other!  I even snuck in some snuggle time!  At just under 5 pounds each they are full of cute wrinkly skin and little bitty fingers and toes!  Congrats to Lindy, Alan, and big sister Macy!  We are so excited for you!!

  1. Amy McMurray   -  

    These are precious!

  2. kate oren   -  

    There really were. I have to admit I wasn’t convinced seeing that small round pregnant belly a few weeks ago.
    But here they are. Precious and perfect.
    Love the images
    Especially the snuggle ones and the one with mom holding both smiling and one baby smiling as well.

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