A belated Happy Holidays from us to you!!

I wanted to keep these photos fairly under wraps until all the holiday cards had gone out.  Hopefully everyone has gotten them by now, so I am safe posting them!  Every year I try to outdo the year before with our holiday cards, and this year I think took the cake!  I found these VERY bright colored sweaters for the girls and knew they’d be perfect for my “vision” of our holiday card.  I wanted super colorful with colored blocks.  I was going to hire someone to do it, but decided I’d just knock them out myself.  I thought they turned out great and so far everyone has loved them.  Here’s the digital file of the cards and then the images that were included in the card.  A belated Happy Holidays to everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  I’ll post some of our family holiday photos soon too!  But for now, enjoy! 

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