Our friend Tamu…

We often get asked by our clients who watches our kids while we are out shooting and doing weddings on the weekends.  Well… here she is.  This is our good friend Tamu, whom we affectionately call “Mu”.  We have all been friends for about 12 years.  If anyone knows US it’s her, she’s seen us at our best, and at our worst, and she’s been very involved in both of our girls lives.  She and I used to work together in California and have been very close friends ever since.  When we moved to Florida she decided she missed Shaylee way too much and moved out here about two years later.  She is like a sister to me, she’s as close as we have to family locally, and is like a surrogate aunt to our girls.  She is here literally almost every weekend helping us with the girls, even on the weekends we don’t have shoots so that I can get caught up and work!  She is one of the many in our “village” for our kids.  We love her so much and appreciate everything she does for us on a regular basis!

Last weekend she got all dressed up and went to her company Christmas party.  I asked her if anyone took a photo of her, and no of course, her answer was NO.  Sooo… since she happens to know a photographer…lol… she asked if I would take a few for her to give to her mom.  Of course I was totally thrilled at the idea of getting some photos of her since normally she’s a complete BUTT about being in front of my camera…lol.  So we took some of her with the girls, and a few of her alone.  One of these days I’ll get her to do a REAL session… one can hope anyway.  Here’s a few from our impromptu 15 minute shoot this past weekend.  Enjoy! 

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