Shay finally lost a tooth!

She’s been so excited for over a year wondering when she’d lose her first tooth. Most of her friends have already lost theirs so I think she felt left behind…lol. So about two weeks ago she came to me saying a tooth was loose, and it was, but BARELY. Today she walked over to me and said it was bugging her because it was so loose, so I asked her if she wanted to pull it. She says “will it hurt?” I said I didn’t know but if it did I would stop. I grabbed a hold of the little thing and it literally came right out, so it was definitely ready! Here’s two shots of our oldest monkey with her little hole! I think the one next to it will be out soon too!

I have to laugh too… When we were in Maine her Uncle (my brother) told her that one of his friends kids got $100 from the tooth fairy. I told him that he can be the tooth fairy today…lol. She’ll get a couple bucks from us and think she got gyped!!! Thanks Uncle Scotty!

  1. laura veraska   -  

    how exciting!! she is so cute!

  2. Erin Drallos   -  

    So cute! Love you Shaylee!

  3. CNP   -  

    That’s funny, you are right, I didn’t even think about that…lol. :)

  4. John   -  

    YAY Shaylee…….funny thing, Baby Camdyn’s first tooth in was the same tooth as Shaylee’s first tooth out. :)

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