Check out Jennifer & James!!

You may remember Jennifer & James… we shot their wedding last November! It seems that a bunch of our wedding clients are having babies! Although I will say that Jennifer and James have done it quicker than any of the others…lol. I think we determined that while I was giving birth last winter, she was getting pregnant! She looks amazing and they are so excited to welcome their baby boy in the next few weeks. He will be named after his daddy, and I’m sure he will be adorable! I mean look at these two, how could he NOT be? Here’s a few of my favorites from their session.

  1. Jennifer Santo   -  

    These look so beautiful! Jen and James look awesome. I can’t wait to meet my nephew!

  2. Jen Santo   -  

    I just saw the photos. They look great! Thank you. I can’t belive how big my belly is. So cute though!! Thank you so much for getting the photos done. Still no baby yet. Hopefully soon. My doctor will induce me on Friday if I don’t go into labor any earlier. I’m hoping he comes tomorrow. It’s my due date and my parents wedding anniversary. Well, thank you again. I will keep in touch!!

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