Wow! 3 months since I’ve posted! YIKES!

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I’ve been busy with working, being mom, and wife. I often times think about posting, then get caught up and forget…ugh! I have so many more couples, and photos from sessions to post. I will definitely try to catch up soon!

Here’s a few images from recently. The first is of Shaylee from the Pumpkin Patch. Happy Halloween all!

These are from an engagement session I did last Saturday with Huy and Abigail. They are such a cute couple, and it was kind of a funny day. They showed up and Huy informed me that Abigail was doing her makeup in the car. Well little did I know but Abigail informed me later that they had been having a “disagreement” earlier that morning…lol. So getting them to be all cutesy and in love was funny initially. It only took them a few minutes to get over their initial “ooh he touched me” moment and enjoy the session. They said that I helped them get over their frustrations and had a better day. John and I will be doing their wedding in November, so stay tuned! They are so sweet, and have the greatest energy! Young love at it’s finest!! To view the entire slideshow from Huy and Abigail’s engagement session, please visit and enter password abigailhuy

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