Woo hoo!!!

I’ve been wanting a website by BluDomain for quite a while. They are sites that are mostly for photographers and they are stunning and the ease of use is amazing. I just upgraded my site a few months ago, but BluDomain websites are so much easier to update and change. And I like to show my latest work on my site to keep it fresh and interesting. Yesterday was a big contest day and sale with BluDomain. I entered several of the contests and won one of the categories. The contest was to spell out bludomain by getting creative and using food, things around the house, etc. Well John and I decided to give sparklers a try to spell it out and it worked marvelously! Here’s a shot of the image that I put together that won. You can also view it on their blog http://bludomain.typepad.com/blus_daily_blog/

This is the sparkler entry!

This was the entry for the “Kids Art” Contest…lol… yes I am a crazy mother!

I’m also excited because my good friends Amber and Troy Schmidt also won the whole kit and caboodle for Troy’s expose as Blu Guy of 2006! He is at the top of the blog, painted blue in all his glory! The prize for that competition was a free website and an I Pod with docking station! Congrats to Troy and Amber! They have had a hard week in their family and this was a much needed and well deserved win for them! They are wonderful people and have such kind hearts. Perfect winners for this contest!! Troy also got to choose a friend to receive a second free site, and I was the lucky friend!! Sooo… stay tuned as I update and heavily upgrade to a BluDomain site within the next few weeks. This is very exciting for me and will hopefully save me time and headache when it comes to updating. It will be much more user friendly than my current site, and easier to navigate. I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

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