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So I’m in the studio, and have done several sessions there already. It’s amazing the difference when I can spread out and move around! I have done two sessions this week with a gorgeous 12 year old named Sunny. Here’s a few of the images from her two sessions. We did these for a modeling portfolio and comp cards. She’s really great in front of the camera. By far the hardest thing was keeping her looking her age. I ordered up several sets of new business cards with my new address on them, so I’m anxiously awaiting to get them and start passing them out all over town. I also got in a wedding album that I ordered for my clients Ehren and Paul. I created an album for them with their wedding photos and ordered it from one of my favorite vendors. It is STUNNING in print. I gasped when I opened the book and it brought tears to my eyes. Seeing your work on the computer is one thing, but seeing it in print is a whole nother deal. I know they will love it! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view it by clicking on this link .

Shaylee is doing well, getting ready for the summer to begin. I am still trying to find some sort of summer camp to keep her busy for the summer. Last Friday night she and John went to the Dad N Me night at her school. They had a great time enjoying arts and crafts and making me a moms day gift. It was supposed to be a surprise, but we all know Shaylee can’t keep surprises so I got the angel pin that she made for me when they got home. She’s been swimming every day and has learned to dive and do flips in the pool. Her latest challenge has been learning to swim underwater. She is turning into fish girl!

We booked our vacation tickets to Maine for the first week of August last week, so I’m excited for some much needed time off! We haven’t taken a vacation in two years, so this is a welcome break! My cousins who I love so much and hardly ever get to see will be off the same week and we will all spend time together at camp. I’m going to be doing my cousin Kyle’s senior portraits while there on vacation… it will be very weird for me to do that, as I have been away for most of his growing up years and still think of him as a little guy… his sister Jessica just called me last week to tell me she’s pregnant! Congratulations! My dad will also be taking time off to spend some time with his kooky granddaughter. She is VERY excited to see her Grampy, Nanee and Uncle Scotty!

John has been doing his thing, working and golfing, more work than golf, but he’s been enjoying the time he does get to spend on the course. He’s registering soon for the Florida Amateur tournament, so keep good thoughts for him to do well at that event. Friday night he went and played at his monthly poker league. The tournament is coming up and he’s in good standings, so he’s excited about that. The weather here has been wonderful, although we haven’t gotten rain in about two months now, and we are desperately needing some moisture!

I’m getting antsy about the TLC show that will be airing in July. I know I have nothing to hide and am no different than most of the wives and mothers in this country, but I’m just getting nervous about everyone seeing us on television. The producers have said that the show is very touching and heartfelt, so I can’t wait to see what they have done with it. We truly enjoyed the whole experience and are ready to see the final outcome of editing!

That’s about all for now… I’ll try to update more often!

:o ) Cristy

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